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In combination with the light wood handle,
this series looks futuristic, light and sophisticated.

The innovative Seki Magoroku Composite Series consists of 8 blade shapes with double-sided polished blades. The beautifully finished blade is made from the combination of two different steels, which creates a fascinating contrast between the mirror-polished blade and the satined opposite site. The mirror-polished core of the blade is made from VG MAX Steel with a hardness of 61±1 HRC and the satined outer material from SUS420J2 steel: a combination that guarantees a high corrosion resistance and the long-lasting performance of these blades.

The production process of the Composite blades is based on a new technology in the aircraft construction sector and guarantees high resistance and extreme precision. The two steel grades are jointed through a particular copper brazing procedure. The subtle copper line remaining between the steel grades adds an additional special touch.

Already the recipient of several design awards, the Seki Magoroku Composite Series is the symbol of contemporary design expertise from the house of kai. The series combines dynamism and lightness: the composite blade, composed of two different types of steel, has a visible copper solder joint running through it. The steel grades are manufactured separately and then connected in a subsequent operation using liquid copper. The resulting appearance is impressive and makes the blade a highlight of Japanese blacksmithing.

Over and above this, the knives promise absolute sharpness and an extraordinary overall performance

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